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28 Things You Can Do Instead of Bashing Another Blogger

16 Dec Posted by in Blogging, Mean Girls | 4 comments
28 Things You Can Do Instead of Bashing Another Blogger


Lo and behold. It’s a new day and the blogging community has chosen someone else to crucify. I wish I could say that this was an uncommon occurrence, but it isn’t. Actually, as soon as a few people find someone they think is doing something wrong in the blogging community, people jump on and start circling like vultures.

Allow me to explain.

Recently, a blogger emailed some restaurants and pitched them to host a Christmas dinner in exchange for PR on her site and social media accounts. No big deal. Honestly, it’s something hundreds (maybe thousands) of bloggers do a week–pitch companies to work with in exchange for something. However, and somehow, this woman’s email was leaked and picked up not only by the blogging community, but also by mainstream media sites. And then a barrage of nasty (and some very personal) comments happened on all these posts and sites by vultures who just wait to point fingers at others so that they don’t have to spend time looking within.

Shame on you.

Since there seems to be so many with so much time on their hands, I put together this little list to help people find things to do other than bash and judge.

Bashing Bloggers

28 Productive Things You Can Do Instead of Judging and Spreading Hate

1. Ask your family if you can do anything for them.

(If you’ve already done everything for your family and it’s all perfect there, please proceed immediately to #28.)

2. Show a person being bullied support.

3. Donate time and/or money to a women’s shelter.

4. Volunteer at a suicide hotline.

5. Take a class.

6. Spend some time reflecting.

7. Talk to a therapist.

8. Walk dogs at the local animal shelter.

9. Cook a week’s worth of freezer food and deliver it to a neighbor in need.

10. Spend some time visiting people in nursing homes who have no family.

11. Read a classic.

12. Visit an art gallery or museum.

13. Take a friend to lunch.

14. Volunteer to feed the homeless.

15. Be that one person who speaks up.

16. Write a letter to an old friend (and then mail it).

17. Smile at someone who seems to need it.

18. Pay for the person’s coffee or fast food meal in line behind you.

19. Volunteer to help a teacher in his or her classroom.

20. Adopt a puppy or kitten.

21.Reconnect with an old teacher or professor that touched your life and tell them about it.

22. Deliver a meal and a blanket to someone living on the street.

23. Clean out your closet and donate the clothes to a shelter.

24. Pray for someone.

25. Pray for yourself.

26. Apologize to someone you’ve wronged.

27. Forgive someone who has wronged you.

28. Mind your own business.

Is your house in order? What about your blog, business or family? When that’s all perfect in “your house” then, by all means, start focusing on others. Until then, mind your own business.[click to tweet this]

  1. Crystal12-16-13

    #29: You could do LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. As long as it’s legal and not harmful!

    (Great post.)

    • Jacqueline12-16-13


  2. Katrina Moody12-16-13

    Amen! Why is it so easy for some people to be nasty to each other?

  3. Kimberly12-16-13

    Small-minded people operate from a place of fear, anger, negativity and they suck. THIS however, is AWESOME!

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